How to roll-back ESXi to a previous state/version?

You may sometimes need to revert the ESXi back to a previous, stable state in case that the installed patches have caused problems and instability.

It’s very simple, just follow these steps:

1- connect to the host direct console either vial direct KVM, or remote KVM.

2- reboot the server with the method that suits you.


3- once you see the boot screen of ESXi appears, this one below, press Shift + R keys once. the letter “R” here stands for “Roll-back”.


4- as you can see below, the version and build number that is currently active, and the previous image available to be restored is displayed. You could recover to a one state back only. So, this is a bit like a snapshot for ESXi itself. This is pretty handy.


5 – press “Y” to accept reverting back to the previous state.


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