Windows Server 2012/2016 is slow in vSphere 6.5!!!

If you are facing slowness with Windows Server 2012 or 2016 VMs running on vSphere 6.5 build 5146846 or 5310538 then this article may come in handy. I am facing the same issue by the way and it seems that our issue is getting fixed, I will keep you all updated if it didn’t fully fix the issue.

The slowness comes from the storage side, you will find the VM slower than earlier.

Solution: VMware has released a bug fix for this issue in vSphere 6.5 update one release (released in 27th of July 2017), updating your ESXi hosts to that new release will be fixing your issue – OR – apply a work around also mentioned in the same article below.

VMWare KB article for the case:


VMware technical support team have confirmed to me that this update fixes the issue

The ESXi edition that causes the issue before the update:


The ESXi edition after applying update 1:



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