NAKIVO: An Affordable Backup solution for VMWare & Hype


If you are seeking a powerful and affordable backup solution for your virtual infrastructure, NAKIVO Backup & Replication is the backup solution you are looking for, NAKIVO B&R offers many cool features and has many licensing schemes to offer, I’ve tried the product in my lab and it seems to be good for what you are going to pay, so let’s start with the cool features:

  • The product comes in different flavors: It could be installed on Windows, Linux, Pre-configured virtual appliance (for VMWare), and could also be installed on NAS storage.
  • Agent-less, so ;you don’t need to install an agent in your guest OS to be able to backup and restore.
  • Backup jobs works over LAN, Hot add, and Direct SAN modes.
  • The Free ESXi Hypervisor from VMare is supported, other products require a licensed ESXi.
  • A powerful web interface for management, no need for a desktop client, so you can manage and monitor backups from any device, any where.
  • Supports Exchange, Active Directory. MS SQL.
  • Granular recovery for files and items.
  • and much more.Datasheet

Backup & Replicate to the Cloud

  • Integrates with AMAZON AWS, so you can backup and replicate your local VMs to AWS.
  • Could be installed on AWS itself, to make you able to backup and replicate your cloud workloads to your on premises servers.

Pricing and the FREE edition

Licensing comes in many flavors, find more here. NAKIVO offers a FREE edition that supports up to 2 VMs. Click here to learn more about  paid vs Free editions.

VMWare and Hyper-V support

current editions support VMWare, but in the upcoming edition version 7.0 both VMWare and Hyper-V will be supported.

My Opinion

I’ve tested this product in my lab and capabilities are acceptable as long as it’s relatively cheap if you compare it to other products in the market, it still lacks some features, but I can see that the developers are doing an excellent job here and this product will be very successful in the near future.


تقدم شركة NAKIVO حلول لعمل نسخ احتياطية Backup و نقل البيانات لمواقع الحماية من الكوارث Disaster Recovery Replication بأسعار منخفضة مقارنة بباقي المنتجات المتوفرة في السوق , إضافة إلي مجموعة من الإمكانيات المتميزة منها علي سبيل المثال و ليس الحصر :

  • يمكن تثبيت البرنامج علي ويندوز , لينوكس . متوفر أيضا ً كا Virtual Appliance للتقبيت علي VMWare , و أيضا ً يمكن تثبيته علي NAS Storage .
  • لا يحتاج إلي backup agent بل يقوم بسحب البيانات مباشرة.
  • متوافق مع النسخة المجانية من VMWare ESXi بعكس المنتجات الأخري .
  • تتم إدارة السيرفر من متصفح الإنترنت web console .
  • المزيد … شاهد الفيديو .

بالنسبة للتراخيص و أسعارها , متوفر بأكثر من اصدارة .. اضغط للتفاصيل

متوفر أيضا بنسخة مجانية تدعم بحد أقصي عدد اثنين virtual machine .

لمقارنة النسخة المجانية و المدفوعة أضغط هنا

يدعم حاليا ً VMWare ,  و سيدعم Hyper-V في الإصدار التالية رقم 7.0




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